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About Us

Welcome to Happy Little Turtle Animal Education and Support Services.

Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, we offer a range of fun and interactive wildlife and “all things animal” educational workshops.  Suitable for the young to the old, our workshops provide an exciting opportunity to learn and get inspired about the natural world!

Whether it be exploring the world of insects or understanding the importance of protecting our native wildlife, we offer a range of interactive workshops for everyone to enjoy!  We provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment for anyone to come along and take part in.  Whether its for a group or just for yourself, our programs are a great way to meet like-minded people as well as our feathery, furred and scaly friends!

Conservation awareness is critical for the survival and protection of our native wildlife.  We hope that through education and exploration, not only will you learn some pretty cool facts about animals, but also show you that everyone can make a difference to help protect our wildlife, regardless how small.


Age Care & Over 50’s

Schools & OHSC

NDIS and Non NDIS program

Kindy’s & Childcare

“Whether domestic or native, animal-human interactions provide an undeniable enriched encounter that nurture’s a positive and well-being experience”…