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Services we offer

We believe there should be no reason why anyone should miss an opportunity to learn about our amazing wildlife and how they can help.  We strongly believe that every person can make a difference, so that’s why our programs and workshops have been designed so that anyone can join and get involved.


Through our workshops, participants are exposed to fascinating facts about a wide range of animals.  However, we don’t want to just stand up and talk, we want you to get involved!  Our workshops also offer hands on activities to show that each and every one of us can make a difference.  Whether it be creating a natural native habitat in your own backyard, building a frog hotel or learning about the benefits of planting native trees, our workshops will allow everyone to walk away with the knowledge that they can help.

Conservation and looking after the environment is everyone’s responsibility, so lets make sure we all know what we can do to help our wildlife!

Each service below can be tailored to suit your needs, so for more information about whats included, please click on the links below.


For further information, simply email us for our information pack at [email protected]


Aged Care Presentations


Whether its for an aged care facility, retirement village or an over 50’s, resort, we can bring our workshops to you!  We want anyone of any age to to experience something a little “wild”!

Our educational presentations are a perfect mix of learning and active participation.  While we also have some little friends that come along too, our workshops also focuses on what everyone can do in their own backyards to help the local wildlife.



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School Holiday Programs

Our school holiday programs offer children from P-6 an opportunity to learn about some of our amazing wildlife.  Children will have a chance to meet some of our friendly animals up close while learning about how they can help the local wildlife.   Workshops for school holiday programs can be tailored, so please let us know your requirements when inquiring.

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Disability Program

We firmly believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn about nature whilst getting up close with some awesome animals.  Our aim is to show people how they can help our wildlife, even in their own backyard!  Our workshops are perfect for people that may have a disability, socially isolated or suffering anxiety.  We offer a fun, friendly and safe environment where groups are kept to a maximum of 10 participants.



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Kindergarten & Childcare

Kindergarten and Day care sessions are a great way to introduce little minds to nature!  Presentations can run from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on age and requirements, however if you have specific needs, we are more than happy to work with you to meet them.



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