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School holiday programs

Our school holiday programs offer children from P-6 an opportunity to learn about some of our amazing wildlife.  Children will have a chance to meet some of our friendly animals up close while learning about how they can help the local wildlife.   Workshops for school holiday programs can be tailored, so please let us know your requirements when inquiring.  Our wildlife workshops have been designed to compliment the National Australian Curriculum making it suitable for any day care, kindergarten school or holiday program.

We include topics such as:

  • Living things have basic needs,
  • How living things grow and change,
  • Life cycles and adaptations
  • Growth and survival of living things and their environment

Whats included:

  • Visual PowerPoint Presentation
  • A chance to meet our feathery and scaly friends
  • Interactive building/craft activity (optional)

What we need

We will arrive 30 minutes prior to set up.  All we need are some tables and chairs in the room where we will be holding our workshop.  Programs can be designed so we can focus on just one species or we can combine multiple species.  Duration can range from 1 hour to 3 hours.  To find out what workshop will best suit your needs, simply click here to get in touch.