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Disability Support Activities

Not only do we provide educational wildlife programs for everyone to enjoy, but we also offer a range of disability support activities that NDIS and non NDIS participants can attend.  These workshops and activities can provide people with valuable information regarding pet ownership, animal enrichment, assistance dog enrichment plus lots more.  While some support activities are focused around animals (of course), we also offer a range of activities that can assist with daily building skills.

To find out more about these workshops and activities, click on the links below.

Animal Craft Meetups

  • Learn how to use your craft skills to help our wildlife and animals in need.  Whether you have never tried craft building before, these workshops are for everyone to learn and enjoy!
  • We understand that coming to a new place and meeting new people can be very.
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Social Outings

  • Part of our goal when creating Happy Little Turtle was to provide opportunities for people that may be socially isolated.
  • The aim of these social gatherings is to provide a range of activities that participants have a common.
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Domestic Pets & Setups

  • Our domestic pets and set up workshops provide lots of information about a range of animals that you could have as pets.
    • Bird Keeping
    • Lizard Keeping
    • Cat Keeping
    • Dog Keeping
    • Enrichment
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Animal Enrichment

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